Our vision is to address vacancies in healthcare real estate and social infrastructure assets and improve access to health services for all Australians.

Rx Property Australia is led by Principal Bryce Stickland, an award winning healthcare real estate agent who has spent more than a decade building his combined expertise in healthcare, business development and property sales and leasing.

Having worked closely with surgeons and hospital operators over a number of years as a Territory Manager with one of the world’s leading medical device companies, Bryce understands healthcare delivery and the vital role built environment plays in enhancing the patient journey and achieving optimum health outcomes.

It is this insight, along with his business and real estate expertise, that he brings to solving the specific challenges faced by operators and investors who are buying, selling, and leasing in the healthcare real estate market.

Rx is derived from the Latin term ‘recipe’ and that is what Rx Property Australia provides — a recipe for navigating the healthcare real estate market and make an impact.

‘Our job is to work closely with you to identify the property strategy that will meet your needs and the demands of an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.’

Bryce Stickland, Principal